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    Open House - Day Yoga Studio June 23 2012 Dayton Ohio

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    Event Type: Free
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    Location: Day Yoga Studio

    Event Date: 6/23/2012

    Event End Date: 6/23/2012

    New location Free Yoga and Pilates Belly Dance Hafla Party *** 1pm-Vinyasa Yoga*** 1pm-Prenatal Yoga*** 3pm-Mat Pilates*** 3pm-Yoga for Kids(ages 5 and up)*** 5pm-Hot Yoga*** 5pm-Gentle yoga*** 7-10p.m Belly Dancing Hafla Party featuring Bronwen ***
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    Open House - Day Yoga Studio June 23 2012 Dayton Ohio
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    Name: admin    
    Email: info@thecommunity100dotcom    
    Address to Event is given below:

    Day Yoga Studio
    1100 Brown St.

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    Click Here for Map To Destination: 1100 Brown St., Dayton, OHIO 45409