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    Wildflower and Native Plant Sale

    Entry Price: $0
    Event Type: Free
    Contact Phone: 937-434-9005

    Location: Cox Arboretum MetroPark

    Event Date: 4/28/2012

    Event End Date: 4/28/2012

    * Choose from a vast selection of wildflowers, native plants and grasses * Get expert advice on gardening with native plants * Wilflower Manual on sale in the Cox Arboretum Garden Store * Enjoy a guided tour of the Woodland Wildflower Garden *Browse the selection of unique wildflowers and native plants and get advice from the Wildflower Volunteer Group to find the plants most suitable for your garde. All of the plants offered in this sale are propagated or rescued from local areas slated for development. For more details, call (937) 434-9005. For more information call 937-434-9005 www.metroparks.org/plantsales Proceeds Benefit the Cox Aroboretum Foundation
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    Wildflower and Native Plant Sale
    Contact Details:
    Name: Admin    
    Email: info@thecommunity100dotcom    
    Address to Event is given below:

    Cox Arboretum MetroPark
    6733 Springboro Pike

    Map and Directions Below:
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    Click Here for Map To Destination: 6733 Springboro Pike, Dayton, OHIO 45449